F1 Student: Curricular Practical Training

CPT is off-campus employment authorization for students engaging in an internship (paid or unpaid) before completion of their academic program. CPT is approved for a specific employer, for a specific time period; students may change employers, but must have proper authorization before doing so. CPT can be given for up to one year at a time and can be approved for part time (20 hours/week or less) or full time (more than 20 hours/week). Students should be aware that 12 months of full time CPT makes you ineligible for Optional Practical Training. For additional information about regulations regarding CPT and specific steps to take for CPT authorization, please contact your International Student Advisor or I-Place.

CGU students: see the CGU Current International Students page.
HMC students: see the HMC Curricular Practical Training request form to request CPT.
Pitzer students: see the Pitzer College Curricular Practical Training to learn more.