CFIS Host Family Program for Grad/Exchange Students

Community Friends of International Students (CFIS) is a community support group of nearly 200 members, which is committed to providing support for international students and their families.

Their most popular program is the CFIS Host Family Program.

The CFIS Host Family Program is a 5-night temporary host family program available to:

  • Claremont Graduate University and Drucker students and scholars
  • Keck Graduate Institute students
  • Pitzer College exchange students (required)

Temporary Assistance for Graduate Students

Students at Claremont Graduate University and Keck Graduate Institute are not guaranteed on-campus housing, and must make their own off-campus housing arrangements.

The CFIS Host Family Program allows graduate students to make a connection with a local family for a smooth transition before moving into their off-campus housing.

We encourage new international graduate students to begin their housing search as early as possible. For assistance with off-campus housing, please see our “Off-Campus Housing” webpage.

Requirement for Exchange Students at Pitzer College

The CFIS Host Family Program is a curricular requirement for the students enrolled in exchange programs at Pitzer College. Exchange students will stay with a local family for 5 nights before moving into their residence hall.

CFIS Host Family Program Details 

The CFIS Host Family Program connects new international students with local families for a maximum of 5 nights.

  • It is a great way to meet and spend time with a local family and experience real intercultural exchange
  • Host families are local volunteers (who receive no compensation)
  • Participation is based on availability of volunteers from the local community

Learn more about CFIS here.

Arrival Dates for CFIS Host Family Program – Fall 2018

Students who wish to participate in the CFIS Host Family Program must arrive on the arrival date assigned to their NISSO Session.

  • Claremont Graduate University (CGU) Students: Monday, August 13
  • Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) Students: Friday, August 17
  • Pitzer College Exchange Students: Saturday, August 25

Special Guidelines

  • The CFIS Host Family Program is only available to CGU students, KGI students, and Pitzer exchange students. All other students are required to move into their residence hall.
  • Due to the limited number of CFIS Host Families, CFIS can only accommodate students who
    • Are attending either CGU, KGI, or an exchange program at Pitzer College
    • Register for NISSO before the deadline
    • Arrive in Claremont on their assigned arrival day before 6:00 PM PST
  • The CFIS Host Family Program policy limits the length of time a student can stay with a CFIS Host Family to a maximum of 5 nights. Students who will need more than 5 nights will need to make additional arrangements.
  • Unfortunately, CFIS Host Families cannot accommodate family members who are accompanying students to Claremont. Family members of students must arrange their own local housing.
  • Students participating in the CFIS Host Family program are expected to be courteous about using their CFIS Host Family’s household items. Remember: CFIS Host Families are volunteers who open up their homes to new international students.

Signing Up for the CFIS Host Family Program

Please view the NISSO Registration page to sign up for the CFIS Host Family Program.

The final date to register for NISSO, the CFIS Host Family Program, and complimentary airport pickup service for NISSO Fall 2018 is Monday, July 9, 2018.