Bed Sheets and Linens for Undergraduates

NISSO: Bed Sheets and Linens


Undergraduates living in the residence halls should be advised that your room will not include sheets or linens, and you should plan to provide your own. The standard size of sheets that will fit beds in the residence halls is Twin XL.

Students have a few options regarding sheets and linens:

    1. Bring your own sheets, towels, and any other linens that you need from home in your luggage.
    2. Use your free time on August 21 to make your purchases if you are arriving early on NISSO Move-In Day.
    3. Purchase sheets and linens during the NISSO shopping trip on August 22.
    4. Make and order with Bed Bath & Beyond before August 12 and pick up at check-in on NISSO Move-In Day.

How to Make an order with Bed Bath & Beyond

You will be placing your orders directly with Lisa Abbott at Bed Bath & Beyond.

  1. Complete Bed Bath & Beyond Order Form.
  2. Send order form to Lisa Abbott (Bed Bath & Beyond) at
  3. Your linens packages will ship for free to International Place, and can be picked up at Check-In (McKenna Auditorium) on August 21.
  4. All orders must be submitted to Lisa at Bed Bath & Beyond before August 12.