Community Connections

There is something unique about Claremont.

The Claremont Colleges offers a tight-knit community so students find that they have meaningful connections with other students, staff, faculty, host families and alumni. In other words, students make life-long friendships here starting from the first day they arrive in Claremont.

International Place works with many groups to ensure these meaningful connections happen. The host family program offers students arriving in Claremont a chance to connect with a local family. Community Friends of International Students offer events throughout the year, such as a Holiday Party and a Welcome Picnic, as well as an English Conversation Partners Program. CFIS is committed to supporting international students and their families.

The International Gala and The International Festival are community events; although international students drive every aspect of these events, the Claremont community attends them, and those events are appropriate for all-ages. Moreover, the Lunch and Conversation Program, which happens every semester, is open to members of the community. Whether you are an incoming student, a family interested in hosting or someone just curious about I-Place, we hope you attend one of our events, and contact us to get involved.