I-Place Events

Below is a list of International Place events typically held throughout the year. You can also check out our past events on Facebook.

Café I-Place

During Finals Week of each semester, the International Place lounge is transformed into a European-style café, stocked with complimentary coffee, tea and pastries, for students who are looking for somewhere cozy to study, or for those who are simply looking for a relaxing place to take a break from their studies. Café I-Place’s business hours are usually 10 AM to 10 PM so that students may come and go between finals and mealtimes.

International Graduation (formerly Farewell Celebration)

Each May International Place organizes a ceremony to say goodbye to departing and graduating students and scholars. Over the years, International Place has honored various students and scholars at this celebration by inviting them to speak about their time at The Claremont Colleges and the memories they have made with International Place. Departing students are presented with a farewell gift from International Place as a sign of appreciation of the contributions they have made to our center. Students, their friends and their families all attend this celebration. In 2019, this event evolved into the first ever Claremont Colleges International Student Graduation, where students received commemorative stoles and walked the graduation stage in their formal dress and/or regalia.

International Festival

International Festival is an event that attracts over 1,000 students and members of the Claremont community to celebrate the various cultures of students at The Claremont Colleges. For over three decades, students have cooked homemade cuisine and set up country booths to share the love of their home countries with Claremont.

Each year at International Festival there are over twenty student-run booths, four hours of live entertainment, and an amazing smell of international dishes. However, one of the most rewarding aspects of this event is its impact on the students. International Festival gives students at The Claremont Colleges the opportunity to gain leadership skills and a chance to connect with the Claremont community outside of The Colleges.

International Autumn Gala

International Autumn Gala is a night of great entertainment, international snacks and an intermission complete with a photo booth and raffle. This event is an opportunity for students across The Claremont Colleges to showcase their talents on a stage in front of hundreds of students, members of the community, faculty, and staff. All performers, MCs, and most of the volunteers are students of The Claremont Colleges.

Coffee and Company

Friday afternoons are now for coffee, tea & good company at International Place! Coffee & Company is a new program designed to create a space for the international community of The Claremont Colleges to get together, socialize, and feel welcome. International Place strives to create an inclusive international community in Claremont, which means that we invite everyone at The Claremont Colleges to take part in these Friday afternoons.

Queer Across Cultures

Queer Across Cultures is a collaboration between International Place and The Queer Resource Center for the purpose of highlighting and validating the intersectional experiences of LGBTQ+ international individuals.

International Trivia Night

Gather your team and head to I-Place to test your knowledge during International Trivia Night! PRIZES will be awarded to the winning team, so time to get competitive!
You can sign up your team (3-4 people) in the sign up sheet below OR just show up and join a team on the day of. As always all students, staff, and faculty are welcome. Snacks will be provided!

International Education Week

In honor of International Education Week, International Place will be hosting daily events and providing interactive ways to celebrate and acknowledge the benefits of international education. In addition to our own events, our office will be highlighting international or intercultural-themed events occurring around The Claremont Colleges during IEW

International Women’s Day

Every year International Place celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD) with a delicious lunch accompanied by a featured speaker. Every year our event features an inspiring women from across The Claremont Colleges who help us explore the event’s theme.


During school breaks, International Place organizes day and overnight trips to popular destinations (mostly) in California. Day trip destinations have included Beverly Hills, San Diego, and Disneyland. Overnight trips have included rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park, a 3-night stay in a San Francisco hostel, and camping in The Grand Canyon. These trips are open to international students and their family or friends, for a small fee. See our calendar of events for trips we have scheduled for the current semester.