Cell Phones

U.S. mobile phone companies use a different cellular technology than that used throughout most of the rest of the world. This means that the cell phone from your home country might not work in the U.S. or, if it does work, your home country phone company might charge international roaming charges to any call that you make. While the natural question for most people to ask is, “What’s the best cell phone company?” there is no correct answer as there are a variety of companies and options offered.

There are two basic types of cell phone plans offered by cell phone companies in the U.S.: prepaid plans and contract plans.

Prepaid (or pay-as-you-go) plans are convenient as they generally have a standard monthly fee and do not require a contract or deposit. Also, this type of plan does not require long-term contracts, deposits or penalties for cancellation.

Contract plans generally offer lower monthly rates than prepaid plans. However, since these plans generally require a review of the applicant’s credit history, they generally require a U.S. social security number or a fairly large deposit. Since you will pay a hefty penalty for early cancellation of a contract plan, please make sure that you understand the terms of the contract before agreeing to purchase it.

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Check the Prepaid plans below from various cell phone companies:



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