Off-Campus Housing

Undergraduate Student Housing

All new undergraduate students are required to live on campus and nearly all undergraduate students live in on-campus throughout their entire time at The Claremont Colleges. Take a look at our suggestions for residence hall supplies.

The five undergraduate colleges all have housing offices. See below for contact information:

Graduate Student and Visiting Scholar Housing

Graduate students are not guaranteed on-campus housing and must make their own housing arrangements. We encourage new international graduate students to begin their housing search as early as possible.

Below, you will find some helpful links that proivde information for local off-campus housing:

  • Claremont Collegiate Apartments
    • Apartment complex which caters exclusively to local students
  • Rooms and homes for rent
    • The Claremont University Consortium provides helpful links to housing resources, on this page.  Information on this page includes: rooms, apartments, and homes for rent, as well as a roommate referral service (please see the: Housing and Roommate Inquiry Form).
  • Local apartments
    • More information on apartments in and around Claremont.
  • Housing websites
    • A general internet search for rentals in Claremont will produce lots of links to websites with information on local rental opportunities.

Housing Expenses

Startup costs for new students moving into rentals (apartments, rooms for rent in private homes, rental houses, etc.) can be significant. It is not unusual for students to spend up to $3,000 to $4,000 within their first week in Claremont on their initial rent, utility connection costs, deposits and furniture.

  • Rent – Rents for apartments will vary depending on apartment type, number of rooms, location and other factors. Rents for rooms in private homes can also vary from approximately $600 – $900/month. Generally, rental rates for units close to campus are higher than those in the surrounding communities.
  • Utilities – Utilities (the cost of paying for electricity, gas, water, and trash pickup services) for apartments is typically not included in the monthly rent. Costs for utilities will vary depending on the number of people living in an apartment and their personal habits. A good, high-end, estimate to use for utilities is $100 – $150/month. Costs for utilities may or may not be included in the rent for a room in a private home – you will need to clarify this with the homeowner. There may also be initial costs to startup and connect certain utilities.
  • Deposit – It is common for landlords to require the equivalent of up to 2 – 3 months’ rent as a security and/or damage deposit. You need to be prepared to pay this deposit before moving in. The specifics of how this deposit is collected and returned will be outlined in the lease agreement.
  • Furniture – Generally, off-campus apartments for rent are unfurnished. Most rooms for rent in private homes are furnished. CGU Apartments are furnished (except for mattresses and bedframes).

Helpful Housing Links