Orientation (NISSO) Leaders

Incoming international students will have the chance to interact with other international students before and after their arrival to Claremont in August. NISSO Leaders are a mix of international students from four of The Claremont Colleges. Their main goals are to welcome you to the international community in Claremont and to ensure that you have the smoothest transition to campus as possible!

NISSO Leaders will be engaging with you (new international students) in the following ways: 

  • Providing pre-arrival advice – All the stuff you need to know about what it’s like to be a college student in the US.
  • Leading activities and discussions during NISSO – NISSO Leaders will share from their personal experiences to give you valuable advice for the next four years.
  • Welcoming new students to campus – Whether you’re coming alone or with family, NISSO Leaders will be here for you the second you get to campus to help you settle in.
  • A friend and familiar face on campus – Your NISSO Leaders are here to give you advice during your first academic year (and hopefully beyond!)

Meet the 2020-2021 NISSO Leaders!

Maria Gerges | Claremont McKenna ’23 | Home: Egypt
Uddhav Gupta | Claremont McKenna ’21 | Home: India and Indonesia
Juliana Gutierrez | Claremont McKenna ’23 | Home: Bogotá, Colombia and Mexico City, Mexico
Mon Mon Maple Htet | Claremont McKenna ’23 | Home: Yangon, Myanmar
Nishka Khoobchandani | Claremont McKenna ’23 | Home: Singapore
Amani Khan | Scripps ’23 | Home: Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, United States
Vera Kratz | Claremont McKenna ’21 | Home: Hungary and USA
Nejra Kravic | Scripps ’21 | Home: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mabel Lui | Scripps ’21 | Home: Hong Kong
Patricio Madero | Claremont McKenna ’21 | Home: Torreon, Mexico
Rhea Malhotra | Scripps ’23 | Home: Singapore, Hong Kong, India
Alejandra Mateos | Scripps ’23 | Home: Mexico City, Mexico
Hugo Matousek | Claremont McKenna ’23 | Home: Czech Republic/Duino, Italy
Gunn Phikrohkit | Pitzer ’22 | Home: Thailand
Noah Plasse | Pomona ’22 | Home: Lille, France
Kripesh Ranabhat | Pitzer ’22 | Home: Nepal
Nadya Siringo Ringo | Scripps ’21 | Home: Jakarta, Indonesia
Ana Rodriguez | Scripps ’23 | Home: Quito, Ecuador
Ananya Sen | Pomona ’22 | Home: Delhi, India
Airi Sugihara | Scripps ’22 | Home: Tokyo, Japan and Perth, Australia
Simon Velasco | Pomona ’23 | Home: La Paz, Bolivia